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Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

May you be Healthy

May you be Happy

May you be at Peace

Be Consistent

Be inspired

This is the mantra of the meditation I complete after my yoga practice. I have embarked on a 30 for 30 daily practice. Thirty minutes as this is all my attention span can handle and 30 days as lasting change and new habits can form in this time frame. I have found my mind to be clearer, less aches and pains in my body and more calmness in those moments of stress. I have been doing this practice with my daughter which has been a special time and experience for us. She often will encourage me on the many days I feel too busy.

Yoga has many physical benefits, such as increased flexibility and balance, greater stamina, increased blood flow, muscular strength, health of spine, improves sleep, breathing and immunity. In addition, to the benefits to our mind, of increased focus, mindfulness, reduced stress and anxiety, and boasting of overall mood. This may be because yoga is able to decrease levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that influences levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that effects mood. For these reasons, I often recommend yoga to my clients, as well as, try to practice what I preach. Namaste!

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