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I have found going for a run and/or walk can have many benefits, such as releasing stress, promoting health, releasing endorphins, clearing the mind and increasing creativity.  I have solved many  issues/problems during one of my exercise outings.  These benefits with the support of talking to a licensed therapist are twofold.  That is why I am now offering walk and talk therapy. 

Research has consistently shown that exercise can significantly decrease anxiety and depression while improving overall mood.  Walk and Talk Therapy encourages clients to be more physically active in order to promote both mental and physical health.  It spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking and helps clients to get “unstuck” while confronting difficult issues.

In addition, research shows that being in nature is healing in and of itself.  I have found if I chose to be mindful in my walks and I have noticed the most beautiful things, such as a hawk on a fence or a deer in the brush.  Nature walks are also great for releasing and working through anxiety and anger.  Movement helps to calm our nervous system. 

 I have also found it can be easier to talk when naturally walking, especially with teens.  I have had many great conversations with my children on the walk to school or other places.  It is more relaxed and natural than sitting across from someone talking in a room.  Although, both are good, just different.  Contact me today, if you would like to try this alternative type of therapy and to see if it is right for you.

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